Reports of Qualcomm’s Chips in Verizon bound iPhone …

I’d like nothing more than see the iPhone on Verizon, but I’m call bullsh** on the report from MacRumors regarding Qualcomm and Apple.  Full disclosure, I work for Qualcomm in the IT department – so I have no idea what our chip division is up to or any other kinds of dealings that we have.  My speculation below is completely my own based off of simple research via Google and press releases.

First, Qualcomm all ready makes chips that support GSM/WCDMA (UMTS)/CDMA – so saying that Qualcomm couldn’t produce them in time seems erroneous. In my informal research, it looks like Qualcomm has been producing said chips since at least 2002 – google ‘gsm cdma’ and see what you get.  Now, would I believe that Apple is looking for LTE chip that is multi-mode – GSM/WCDMA/CDMA/LTE – so they can use the phone on any network including AT&T and Verizon’s future networks? Sure, I’d buy that.

Qualcomm is indeed working on such a chipset:

Now, would I buy that these parties haven’t or couldn’t come to terms because of timing and quantity. Sure, I’d buy that too.  However, it clearly states that these chips are projected to market in 2nd half of 2010. Now I have no knowledge of Apple or Qualcomm’s roadmaps for the iPhone or chipsets – but they aren’t automagically going to line up without some partnering. So I wouldn’t expect to divine what’s happening from press releases, but the timing of what’s been announced and Apple’s usual release pattern would suggest that they’re not quite in sync.

I do think that the analyst’s report/rumor has enough errors that it cannot be trusted.


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